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Making upgrades to your home, like getting a new roof, can feel like a big deal. And if the project is urgent and occurs suddenly, it can be a hard hit on your wallet. To make roofing projects more affordable, NexGen Exteriors has partnered with Momnt to help you find the right financing option for you. They have got budget-friendly plans, making it simple for you to handle the costs of a new roof.

  • Manageable Payments: Pay for the project bit by bit over time.
  • Great for Big Projects: Handle the cost of large projects with ease.
  • Flexible Options: Choose from different loan plans to fit your budget.

Finding The Right Finance Plan For Your Roof Replacement

Thinking about fixing up your home? There are a few ways to pay for it. Home Equity Loans might have lower interest rates, but they need a lot of paperwork and take a long time to get approved. If you're a new homeowner, this option might not work. Credit cards are quick and easy, but they may have higher interest rates, making things cost more over time. NexGen Exteriors has partnered with Momnt to offer budget-friendly options! It's quicker to get, has fair interest rates, and offers different ways to pay back over time. The cool part? If you pay back early, there's no extra cost! Momnt makes it easier to pay for the home improvements you want, keeping both your home and wallet happy.

Easy Financial Solutions with Momnt

Momnt makes it easy to apply and get approval

Quick Credit Decisions

No long waits! Momnt lets you know if you’re approved in just a few minutes.

Generous Credit Limits

You can get approved for up to $55,000, which is a big help for major home improvements.

No Early Pay Penalties

If you decide to pay back early, that’s cool with Momnt. They don’t charge you extra for being ahead.

Flexible Shopping Time

You have a whole 6 months to make your purchase. That’s half a year to decide and buy what your home needs.

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