A neighbor of mine had her windows replaced by NexGen Exteriors. I commented on how beautiful they looked, even from the outside. She handed me one of their brochures, so I gave them a call. I wanted a bay window installed on the front of my home where a non-opening, flat window was located. They gave me an estimate and I decided to go with them. They told me it would be about 6 – 8 weeks and the windows arrived early. The installers were very careful in my home and, it was obvious, they knew what they were doing. Very professional and expert installers. The bay window is absolutely beautiful, as are the rest of the windows that I purchased. I would absolutely recommend this company. The bay window alone, gave my home a facelift. So much so, I decided to have new siding installed on the front of my home. (I wish that I could give the company that is installing the siding, the same 5 star review. Not going to mention their name here. The install began the day before Thanksgiving and it is now less than a week before Christmas. They took a two day job and have turned it into a month long debacle. Still waiting for them to finish!.) Now my home has gorgeous windows and half of my home is sided. Zero stars for them!

Anyway, back to NexGen, they gave my home a new lease on life. I love the windows and would absolutely recommend this company.