Ryan is a devoted Christian, who has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Rebecca, for nearly two decades. He has 5 kids: Cody, Ayden, Ava, Isaac, Asher. As a family they love to spend time together doing various activities. Their favorite is being on their boat tubing, fishing and swimming. Ryan also enjoys spectating and supporting the Minnesota Vikings and MN Wild.

Ryan started out in the exterior remodeling industry as a siding laborer in 1995. He was a sponge at that time learning as much as he could before moving on to installing roofs. After he had the confidence to branch out on his own he applied for a small loan to get his own equipment and start subcontracting. One of Ryan’s close friends needed his roof, siding and windows replaced. Ryan did the siding himself but decided to hire and manage the roofing and window crews to get the job done in a timely manner. After the job was completed, Ryan came to the realization that he had found his calling to manage projects.  Around that same time, Ryan met his wife Rebecca whose brother was also in the exterior industry. They bonded over their vast knowledge and decided to put their heads together and start their own company. They began as a team of two and as they acquired more work they started hiring employees one by one to ensure training was at the pinnacle to their success. Once they accumulated a good size team they started taking on more work than usual and gained a highly respectable reputation.

After 10 years of success in business together, Ryan bought out his brother in law in 2015 and is now the Sole Owner of NexGen Exteriors, Inc.  In 2017 Ryan expanded his business to add a commercial division that includes; associations, multifamily properties, hotels and new construction. Thanks to an expert and experienced team they average over 10 Million in commercial business each year.

As a family man, Ryan is humbled and proud to share that his eldest son Cody joined the business in 2019 and was a million dollar producer in 2020 with Ryan’s mentorship. He believes in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated as customers ourselves. Supporting those who are less fortunate and being compassionate in the execution of quality. He believes in fairness, equality, and hard work. If you are looking for a mentor, contact Ryan for a life changing experience in the exterior industry.